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Greetings, all!

It’s that time of the year again (here, anyway): the start of a new school year!  I am also happy to announce that I soon will be entering the classroom teaching (^-^).  Unfortunately, this means I will not be able to craft as often, but as thanks for your constant support, KBelleC Creations is hosting a Back to School Giveaway!


The winner will be able to choose ANY listing from my Etsy shop (here).  You can choose to have the charm (or charms) as a phone charm, necklace, key chain, even earrings.  The images above are a sample of what I offer (the winner will be able to choose ANY listed product).


1. REBLOG to enter.

2.LIKE to enter.

That makes a total of 2 entries.

3. Following KBelleC Creations isn’t necessary, but followers are automatically given an additional chance to win with their first entry for a total of 3 entries

I will notify the winner through his/her ask box, so please be sure to have it open.  The winner will have 7 days after being notified to respond.  I do ship worldwide!  If I am unable to contact the winner, or receive no response after the 7th day, a new winner will be chosen and contacted in the same way.

This giveaway ends Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 11:00 PM CST.  Good luck!

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  • Me: Okay well I really hate killing you guys and I know that without you the world would be overrun with insects, so I love you and all, but I kind of really need to take a shower and I don't wanna drown you or have you panic and bite me.
  • Spider: No probs bro I'll just go hang around in that corner until you're done. By the way, your fan is getting really dirty, my cousin's been living in there and he's not so happy with the conditions.
  • Me: Oh that's okay I'll have it cleaned and just you can just tell him to move out until it's done.
  • Spider: Sure thing, man, I'll be over here until your shower's over.
  • G-Dragon: "Don't think too much, it's simple...I said no."
  • T.O.P: "I heard you say 'heck' once...You cursed, so I cannot be with you, sorry."
  • Daesung: "My wings don't spread when I see you, so no."
  • Taeyang: "I don't date...ever...I am so used to saying 'no'...so no."
  • Seungri: "Mama, I don't wanna be your lover...but please date Taeyang hyung, please...he needs someone...like NOW..."


BIGBANG fanart


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